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The Great Things With DC Action Scenes




Unbiased Journalism Or More Clicks?

When it comes to the controversy on the inter-webs among geeks and nerds alike, one thing is certain: Talk down on DC Films and gain attention. I understand it and I get it. Controversy sells, right? Pac v Biggie. Alien v Predator. Cowboys v Redskins. All examples that have passionate fans on both sides.

But what if only one side was shown to be useless to talk about? Why not just drag the name and fan base along with it? That’s how you get to some bloggers, journalists, and especially fans, unfairly treating DC Films. It’s to the point now that enjoying a DC film has gatekeeper “Fans” funneling fans in that only recognize Donner’s Superman and Nolan’s Batman as real DC fans.

I think it’s great that we’ve had the privilege of being treated with multiple interpretations of some of our favorite characters. I just hope those same fans can be open-minded with new takes on the classics.

The Double Standard

Take, for example, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which became incipient in 2008’s Iron Man. One of my favorite films from Marvel and the first time Iron Man ever debuted on the big screen. To say they were the first to bring about a Universe in which other superheroes existed would be ignorant—the X-Men say hi.

But what makes Iron Man stand out from the other 17 films before Infinity War came out this year? The action was real and not sprinkled with humor to “lighten the tone“. It took itself seriously where it mattered and felt geared towards the adult fans who used to read comics in the ’90s like me. I am of the belief that you can enjoy both Marvel and DC without one being chastised over the other. Others, however, feel the need to drag DC down in place of journalistic integrity because its easier than just talking about what you love, I guess?

The Great Things With DC Action Scenes

I recently saw a video describing DC films and their action set pieces. It was said they lack, not just personality, but any attempt to adhere to basic physics. So I took it upon myself, and the many other DC fans who feel like certain criticism was unwarranted towards the action set pieces in DC Films compared to Marvel. Some say it might be “hard to articulate” why DC Films are so much better than other superhero films. To them, I say this: The foundation has to be built on something.

I take almost all of the points expressed against DC Films in favor of Marvel and subvert them. Sure, it’s easy to cherry-pick the scenes that work for my argument, but I decided to pick scenes that worked based on the video’s arguments as well. Especially how Marvel can take something so “Routine” as making a normal situation of jumping from a moving car look seamless. Ya know, as opposed to DC and a Vigilante taking on two dozen hostiles on the 3rd floor. Routine being the operative word.

Watch the full essay below:

What do you think? Did I make some valid statements or not? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for watching.

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