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Why Armie Hammer Should Be the Next Batman



We are all saddened by the news that Ben Affleck will not be coming back as the Caped Crusader. But as the saying goes “The Show Must Go On” and so does life.

So let’s move on to what’s new. Let us open our arms at the possibility that we’re getting something amazing from this proven director’s take of our beloved character.

Full disclosure: This is my own desire and taste on the character and not the wishes from everyone here a DC FILMS HUB.

With that out of the way let me present to you why I believe Armie Hammer would be the perfect man to pick up the mantle and fill the cape Ben Affleck left to fill. But no worries, I will only present you with 3 reasons why, in my opinion, he’s the logical candidate.

Reason One: Great & Fearless Actor

We’ve all heard the rumors. Matt Reeves is looking to cast a younger Batman. And as painful as its been to see our beloved Batman of our generation hang up the cape and cowl, we’re still excited to see what’s to come from the DC Films. In addition to casting a younger Batman, Matt Reeves has repeatedly said that his movie will be a Noir driven movie. Where the actor embodies the role of the world’s greatest detective. He needs to be a great and versatile actor who commands your attention that’s needed for the role.

Mr. Armie Hammer, at age 33, has proven to be a fearless actor. He’s taken on controversial roles in both critically acclaimed films Birth of a Nation & Call Me By Your Name, which received high praise. J Edgar where he played the love interest to the great Leonardo DiCaprio. And don’t forget his amazing performance where he played the roles of the Winklevoss brothers in The Social Network.  Suffice it to say, Hammer is a versatile actor. He could dive deep into the role of the troubled Bruce Wayne while maintaining his playboy public persona.

Reason Two: He Was Already Batman

Academy Award-winning director, George Miller, already chose Hammer to be Batman in his now-defunct Justice League Mortal. He seemed to agree that Hammer would embody Bruce Wayne and give us an amazing Batman.

Armie Hammer is a big fan of comics and has already prepared to play the hero in the past. Even when he played John Reid in the poorly received Lone Ranger, he’s no stranger to the fandom. He knows what it takes to be part of a superhero universe which makes him a natural fit.

Reason Three: Size Matters

One of the things we loved about Ben Affleck’s interpretation was that he was the biggest batman to date. Ben stands at 6′ 4″, which made him look like a bruiser and a savage. That much was proven when we witnessed the, now famous, warehouse scene. But with Hammer standing at 6′ 5″, that would make him the tallest Batman to date. And if he added some muscle mass, that would make him the most imposing Batman. One that could potentially give Ben a run for his money. In the words of General Zod: “Heresy

Moving to the speculation, what if these movies are prequels to Ben’s Batman? What if it’s about him battling villains for the past 20 years in “The simpler times”. Having an actor the same height and build makes sense. It would give the film more cohesive connections to a younger version of Ben Affleck’s Batman. And who wouldn’t want that?

Hope you enjoy my pick. But you tell us. Who do you think should be the next batman?


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