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Steppenwolf Actor Ciarán Hinds Not Happy With ‘Justice League’ Theatrical Cut



Steppenwolf actor Ciarán Hinds has voiced his disappointment at the theatrical cut of Justice League.

Hinds who was doing a signing session at Ace Comic Con in Long Island and according to Twitter user Jason24cf he revealed he wasn’t happy with the theatrical cut, and hoped Warner Bros. released a Zack Snyder Cut.

Since Justice League’s release its came under heavy criticism. With fans being vocal about their displeasure with the ‘Frankenstein Cut’ Warner Bros. put together after Joss Whedon stepped in to film the reshoots after Zack Snyder’s departure, due to a family tragedy.

Fans started a petition for the Zack Snyder Cut, with over 160,000 signatures so far.

Steppenwolf’s back story was never explained in the film, and from the trailers there was a lot of dialogue from the character missing from the film. So it’s understandable why Hinds is so annoyed.

Justice League is in cinemas NOW!

Source: Jason24cf

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