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Patty Jenkins Confirms Kristen Wiig will play Cheetah in ‘Wonder Woman 2’



Wonder Woman 2 director Patty Jenkins confirmed today that Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig will play the villainous Cheetah in the highly anticipated sequel.

News broke last month that Wiig was top choice to play the role opposite Gal Gadot.

Jenkins took to Twitter to announce the casting:

“So excited to confirm the most thrilling news. Yes! It’s true! So incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our Wonder Woman family. Can’t wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And SO excited by what we have planned. #Cheetah!!!”

Gal Gadot also shared her excitement on the social networking site:

“I’m SO excited welcome on board Kristen! This is going to be WONDERful!”

In the comics Barbara Ann Minerva is the Cheetah, a gifted archeologist and close friend of Wonder Woman, until she was captured by the plant god Urzkartaga and imbued with the powers of the cheetah. She possesses superhuman speed, reaction time, strength and durability to an unknown degree. Her sense of smell has also been enhanced and she is able to see in the dark. Her claws and fangs are preternaturally sharp.

What do you think of Wiig’s casting?

Wonder Woman 2 will hit screens November 1, 2019.

SOURCE: Twitter

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