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Newly Discovered ‘Justice League’ Concept Art Possibly Reveals New Scenes



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Beautiful Paintings

Thanks to recently discovered Justice League Concept Art from Victor Martinez, these new images reveal a few additional scenes that may have been more in line with what the original director, Zack Snyder, was going for. From exterior and interior shots of the Ventilation Tower and Tunnel Battle, to what looks like a scene in a horror film, this Concept Art from Justice League shows some new interesting details. There even seems to be what looks like the Amazons Navy preparing for battle in the History Lesson with Steppenwolf.

We all know the behind the scenes drama of what eventually happened with Justice League; the Devil’s in the details. These new images, however, do raise speculation on just what exactly would be different in Snyder’s original cut of his film, compared to what was given to fans.  Despite the knowledge of just how much was changed, it’s interesting to see what could have been. Detailing the photos below, we can see the exterior of the abandoned Ventilation Tower which we know is on “Braxton Island” aka Strykers Island.

Batman outside the Ventilation Tower

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