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Never Before Seen ‘Justice League’ Concept Art Reveals Vulko For First Time




The other day, we got a chance to see what Aquaman was originally going to look like in his tradition suit for Justice League. Now, we have one last piece of the puzzle. Constantine Sekeris has shared concept art for Vulko who, if you don’t remember the film, was NEVER in Justice League.  Why he wasn’t in the Joss Whedon version of the film makes no sense, given the alleged ending of the Snyder Cut of the film.

As far as Constantine, here’s how he developed the look:

“Here is Vulko costume concept done when I was back on Justice League in the costume department. [I was] working under Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson. From his first sketch that he gave me to flesh out, Michael had a beautiful design [of] shapes going on. The first thing he had me do is block out the major shapes in 3D so we can see how they would flow around the body. He sat next to me and we refined the design to make it more functional.

At the time, the script was still being drafted, so Michael had a long list of fun characters from the studio. He wanted to see first pass at maybe pop in the film quickly. In the end, they saved Vulko for the stand alone Aquaman film that was done by Kym Barrett and her amazing team.

It was fun to at least do one pass at this cool character from a great sketch by Michael, Jerad S Marantz, Ian Joyner, Phillip Boutte Jr. and Kelton Cram. [They] did awesome work on the show and always a pleasure to work with your friends. I learned a lot from Jerad and Ian. Humbly thanks”

Even the weapon is magnificent. Check out the never before seen images below:




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