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How Zack Snyder Was Replacing The Post Credit Fad




Conformity Kills

How do you separate yourself from commonality when everyone wants you to conform to the norm? You create a dichotomy in the genre.

But where do you start? In a world where the general audience and critics only accept one film studio above all, how do you create your own style? If you don’t have a post-credit scene, did the film really happen? And if you do have a post-credit scene, now you’re ripping off that other studio. There’s a saying that goes: Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

What Zack Snyder created was something I’ve never seen in a film before. Instead of a post-credit tease, he seamlessly combined the ending of Man of Steel into Batman v Superman. It’s a reverse effect that I don’t think many appreciated at first. Instead of having to view the previous film, all you needed was to watch the beginning of the next one.

What This Could Have Been

There are some rumors going around that Justice League was originally supposed to open with the Death of Superman once again. Only this time, it was viewed from Lois’ point of view, in the same manner, Bruce viewed the BZE (Black Zero Event). Imagine that. We see Lois screaming for Clark to not leave. He flies off and the dust and smoke shield her from what’s taking place. Then, she sees lightning discharge and a loud scream in the distance.

This is purely speculation on my end, but what if that’s how Zack was creating his own unique answer to a post-credit scene? Comic Books, when having crossovers, usually have epilogues or prologues of what happened in the previous issue in a recap. That’s exactly what could have been happening in film form. Rather than tease the audience with a two-hour commercial of the next film, he was showing us a different point of view to continue the story.

If You’re Curious

What got me thinking about this, was wanting to put together my own video of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Amazingly, they truly fit together as a single piece. What I wanted to do was create it as if ONLY Bruce or bystanders were looking at the scene. By that I mean, we don’t see what Superman is doing because that’s the whole point of Batman v Superman. We, as humans, don’t know who’s good and who’s bad. All we see are buildings falling and wouldn’t know what to think.

We could have had a unique way of threading all 3 films together as if they were 1. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the Snyder Cut of Justice League comes out before we can truly see how. Until then, have a look at the video I created to see how the two films look combined.


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