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Help My 12-Year-Old Make Her ‘Birthday Wish’ Short Film Come True



Here’s The Deal

Today, September 26th is my Daughter, Avery’s, birthday. She turns 12. And near the beginning of this year, she had a conversation with me that made me so proud. After years of her growing up and watching MY favorite films, I became very aware of one unique skill she possessed. Any time we traveled somewhere, I would play a musical score from Batman v Superman or Game Of Thrones, etc, and ask her where the cue took place during the film or show. She got REALLY good at it. To the point that I would play music from films or shows she had never seen and ask her to describe what might be taking place during it. She shocked me over and over with her accuracy of detail explaining the shot sequence of something she had no idea about.

That’s when she realized something. Her framing and visual storytelling were there. And from that moment, she looked at me and said: “I want to be a director“. It was probably one of the proudest moments of our bonding together because we’re so close. Watching films together and dissecting them is what we do all the time. So when she asked me if I would help her with her directorial debut, The Birthday Wish, I was floored.

The Birthday Wish

So what is her film about? Well, to go into that would be spoiling the fun. What I can say is that it’s Kill Bill meets Toy Story, with emphasis on Kill Bill. It’s about a girl that, without her imagination, won’t win the battle she’s in. So I drew up the storyboards and really got the pre-production phase of it all with her. What I soon realized was her ambition is stellar and something that would need to be truly evaluated. Not only would we need the proper equipment to make her short film a reality, but the post-production phase would be the real key.

When you have the imagination of a 12-year-old, one might think of some cool scenes WITHOUT a thought of “how am I going to film that”. Not Avery. She knows EXACTLY what she wants and has explained to me how to get it. The only hurdle we face is the proper technology needed to create her film the way she’s envisioned it. That’s where our GoFundMe page comes in. In order to get the right computing power and make her production a reality, we need your help.

What We Need

Anyone that has edited video before knows how much stress it can put on a computer. Also, add the equipment and rigging, and it starts to add up. But with the right processing programs to create realistic VFX, and proper gear, we’ll be able to make something magical. Not only will that help with Avery’s post-production, but it will also help with more content being available from myself as well. That means more trailers and video essays for both, my YouTube channel and Reel In Motion. So, any help will be much appreciated and put to good use.

If you can also help spread the word, I’m confident that Avery and I can achieve our goal of $10,000 within 60 Days. Once we obtain that, we would shoot the entire film and hopefully have it ready for submission to festivals around the world at the beginning of next year. One of her main inspirations of wanting to actually attempt this was Zack Snyder’s Snow Steam Iron short film. So, if you wanted to get a taste for what it might feel like, his film is a perfect example. We both thank you for helping us attempt our goal and can’t wait to show you all what a 12-year-old with imagination can create.

The Birthday Wish GoFundMe Page

The Birthday Wish Twitter Page

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