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Ezra Miller Is Penning ‘The Flash’ Script In Bid To Keep Role



When it comes to the development of the big screen adaptation of The Flash drama almost certainly follows. It’s safe to say it’s had a hard time getting off the ground.

Now more uncertainty has arisen as the future of Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster has come into question. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller is teaming up with acclaimed comic book writer Grant Morrison to pen a separate script from the one director’s John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are working on.

Miller who is said to be highly committed to the role is reportedly clashing with the directing duo Daley and Goldstein over the creative vision they have for the Flash, they want a more light-hearted comedic take on the character, whereas Miller wants to take it on a darker route.

“The two sides have been working on compromises since last year but Miller took the initiative to tackle the story himself. He partnered with Morrison, with Warners hiring the two to script their take. It is a rare move for an actor to be so invested in a superhero project that they switch hats, but Miller sees himself as deeply committed to the character.”

THR notes there’s a lot riding on this, with Miller’s holding deal to play The Flash expiring in May, his and Morrison’s script could be handed in as soon as next week. If Warner Bros. chose Daley and Goldstein’s script, its possible Miller could exit the role of Barry Allen.

What a shit show Warners have on their hands. This isn’t going to end well for either party.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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