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‘Exclusive’: What Surrounded Diana In The Shrine Of The Amazons *UPDATED*



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The Shrine Of The Amazons

“If you never ask, the answer is always no”. So, in a collaborative effort with ScreenRant, I recently uncovered some never-before-seen concept art from Justice League. I then asked myself: “Is there more?”

I got my answer.

A whale, lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, Emerald City. Beautiful. Now, when investigating a report, one relies on sources and other information. It’s how we can piece together certain things that make for a coherent article. And in doing so, we sometimes discover some truly amazing things.

What I Found

I can’t get into the specifics of it all at the moment, but I can say that the internet has been very kind to me during this endeavor. What you’re about to see are photos exclusively uncovered and, along with your help, might soon have an idea about what it all means.

Below, we have ALL 4 separate walls inscribed like the Cave paintings of Lascaux in France. Only in this Universe, it appears to be drawings from the Ancient Amazons some 5,000 years ago, along with 6 photos never seen before.

How It Started

Zack celebrated Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot’s, birthday by posting a recently unseen image from the original version of his Justice League film in The Shrine of the Amazons. Today, you may begin to understand why she had the look on her face and what she may have been looking at.

1st Wall

The first wall shows what appears to be the invasion from the History Lesson we got in the theatrical version of Justice League. Imagine you’re me and seeing this for the first time with no context. I would assume the primary circle in the middle is a boomtube with the Parademons arriving from Steppenwolfs home planet, Apokolips.

Bottom Row Of 1st Wall

We can also see that the Tribes of Men are smaller to the beings in black. Below that, it appears to be Ancient Greek writing. Besides the script, it looks like the New God Desaad, Darkseid’s loyal servant and chief scientist.

We also know that Zack originally planned for the Anti-Life Equation to play a role in the invasion, so I wonder if that’s what on the ground of the battle. I leave that guess-work up to you. But the amount of detail in each wall is unprecedented compared to what we got with the Reshoots.

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