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Exclusive: First Look At D.J Cotrona as Superman in ‘Justice League Mortal’



Last month I reported on a blurry image I’d come across online of D.J Cotrona as Superman from Warner Bros. abandoned Justice League: Mortal movie.

The quality wasn’t great, but it gave an indication of what Cotrona’s Man of Steel would have looked like.

Now a source close to the project has reached out and given us the non-blurred image of Cotrona as Superman.

Take an exclusive look right here at DC Films Hub:

D.J Controna as Superman

Cotrona rocked the classic curl, and the costume itself was predominantly blue with red stitching throughout. George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal would have seen Superman ditch the red underpants and boots years before DC Comics redesigned Supes look with the launch of the New 52.

Speaking with Slash Film a while ago, Cotrona touched upon George Miller’s plans for Justice League: Mortal:

“The best way I can describe it is: George Miller’s mind is so operatic and big and expansive, it’s a shame that the world didn’t get to see what he would do with superheroes. It was allegorical, like a story of Greek Gods almost. He was doing things with the Superman character and Batman character, and all the iconic favorites, that’s never been done before. Watch Fury Road and you can only imagine what he would do with those iconic characters.”

What do you think of Cotrona’s costume from Justice League: Mortal? If you could see any other member of the leagues costume who would it be?

If anyone has any information they want to share about Justice League: Mortal or even J.J Abrams Superman: Flyby, please use our contact us form and we’ll be in touch.

Source: DC Films Hub

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