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‘Power/Rangers’ Director Shares Concept Art From His Failed ‘Justice League Dark’ Pitch



Justice League Dark has been in development over at Warner Bros. for years now. Earlier this year Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) departed from directorial duties due to scheduling.

No one has come on-board to replace Liman yet. But the film is still part of the studio’s plans, only last week it was included in the DC Film’s slate at Comic Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The project has been in the hands of a few other directors, most notably the Academy Award-nominated Guillermo Del Toro who was attached to Justice League Dark for what seemed like forever, he even wrote a few drafts of the film’s script. We don’t know what transpired between Warner Bros and Del Toro, but the studio decided to go down a different route.

Last year Joseph Kahn, a director who’s best known for his work on music videos and the bootleg Power/Rangers short film pitched his own Justice League Dark film to Warner Bros, nothing ever came of it, but now the filmmaker has released never-before-seen concept art from his failed pitch.

Khan released the photos on his Twitter account, they’re designed by Justin Fields the executive creative director and founder of Ironklad Studios.

Check them out below:

First up Swamp Thing along with the animation test

Next is John Constantine, who in the concept art is played by Dan Stevens (The Guest)

Next is Zatanna, based on Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer.

Next is Deadman

Last but not least is Jason Blood, the human host of Etrigan the Demon based on Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange)

What do you think of the character designs? Warner Bros. are still wanting this film to take off and with them including it as part of their films slate, it wouldn’t be surprising if news on the DC Comics property came in the new year.

Source: Joseph Khan

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