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‘Booster Gold’ Movie Still In Development at Warner Bros.



There’s been a lack of news in regards to the Booster Gold movie since it was revealed Warner Bros. had hired DCTV super producer Greg Berlanti to direct in 2015.

The last we heard was Warner Bros. had brought X-Men: First Class writer Zack Stentz on-board to pen the script. And after three years of silence, most thought the project was put on the back burner by the studio.

Now, after all this time there’s been an update on the project. The Wrap recently caught up with Berlanti whilst promoting his new movie Love, Simon and he revealed the Booster Gold movie was still in the works:

“It’s still in development with DC. They’re trying to figure out both the distance that we still have to travel and how we want to execute it.”

Berlanti produces Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for The CW.

Arrow star Stephen Amell, Producer Greg Berlanti and The Flash star Grant Gustin

It was previously reported Booster Gold wouldn’t be part of the DC Extended Universe connective tissue, now it seems like it may as Berlanti said Warner Bros. are looking at “how it’s going to fit into their greater landscape.”

Berlanti also remains interested in directing the superhero film:

“If the studio is excited — it’s obviously their determination. We finished all the work we need to do on the draft, I would love to do something in that space. I’m still a little clueless on how movies come together. I show up to work every day and make the work as good as I can but then they call me and say, ‘We’re making it!’”

Would you like to see Booster Gold turn up in the DC Extended Universe?

Source: The Wrap

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