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Armie Hammer Reveals ‘Justice League Mortal’ Costumes Weren’t Final



Armie Hammer who was set to play Batman in George Miller’s Justice League Mortal has weighed in on the images from the film that hit the net this week.

The costume designs from Justice League Mortal haven’t been well received by fans, and Hammer took to Twitter and revealed the photo of the League and their costumes did not reveal the final versions of the suits.

Justice League Test Photo

Not quite…. The bat suit isn’t right and also The Green Lantern was black. (Common was going to nail that role)

Our source revealed the image only featured Megan Gale, who was cast as Wonder Woman. The rest of the Justice League were stand-ins from Weta Workshop, the New Zealand based special effects and prop company was tasked with making the costumes for the iconic heroes.

The image itself was meant to give the studio heads at Warner Bros. an idea of the costumes Weta had been working on for Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern.

There were so many concepts of suits for Justice League Mortal, some of which have yet to be seen. I just wish we got to see Miller’s vision for the film to judge it properly.

Source: Twitter

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