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‘Aquaman’ Is The Highest Grossing Film For The DC Extended Universe



He Is Their King

For years, we’ve all known that Aquaman wasn’t the most popular member of the Justice League. And let’s think about it: When he’s in his element (water) he’s the best, but the other league members aren’t. The same can be said for when he’s on land. He can’t communicate with land creatures and he also doesn’t fly. That’s what makes Superman such an awesome character to see on-screen. But oh how the times are a-changin’.

With this weekends Box Office takes, Aquaman has surpassed the total worldwide cume of Batman v Superman with $877 Million in sales. Another fascinating fact: If Aquaman remains #1 again next week at the Box Office 4 weeks in a row, it will be the first DC film to do so since The Dark Knight. That’s quite the achievement to a character relegated to fish jokes. Humor aside, the visuals of this film might be what’s making this film succeed so well. It’s a stunning display of a world we’ve never been too, yet feels familiar after the first viewing.

Aquaman Comic

What’s Next?

The James Wan-directed monster has only been in theaters barely a month and has no signs of quieting down. I know I said, jokingly, that Aquaman could break a million but I’ve changed my tone. This film WILL hit a Million; it’s just a matter of when. But what about after? Some are projecting $1.1 Billion which, again, is a staggering amount of money for a first-time character on film.

A sequel is sure to come out of this all, but James Wan hasn’t signed on for one just yet. He may be re working on things as Patty Jenkins did before signing to direct Wonder Woman 84. The film set up Black Manta to be the main antagonist for a reason, so I’m sure James and crew have an idea of where they would like to go next.

When It Hits $1 Billion

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard are quick to remind everyone that if not for Zack Snyder, they wouldn’t be in this position. The foresight of that man is almost palpable. He took, in some fans minds, the corniest, lamest character and flipped him on his head. He knew that in order for the character to be taken seriously, they needed someone serious. In fact, the Snyder Cut of Justice League would have served as a stepping stone to this film like Batman v Superman did for Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros. had a genius in predicting what would work in the years to come. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have their cake and eat it too. Aquaman stuck to what worked from Snyders world, and it allowed James to create his own film. The same goes for David Ayer and Suicide Squad. Had that film opened in China, it would have made the same, if not more, than Batman v Superman. Every film that retained Snyders original ideas, all earned massive amounts of money at the Box Office. The one film that didn’t, Justice League, failed miserably. Coincidence? Probably not.

Aquaman to All Other DCEU Films

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