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5 Things I Hope To See At SDCC 2018



July 19th is approaching and that means San Diego Comic-Con is almost here. DC comics fans have their eyes in the upcoming DC Films related panels, trailers, announcements and possible surprises.

In the following points, I will be talking about my personal wish list and what I expect about them, according to rumors and confirmed news in the last weeks.

1 – Aquaman Trailer.
We will finally get to see the trailer of this film, as James Wan confirmed it in June 15th.
Without any doubt, it will be interesting seeing how the VFX works in this new an original world, not explored before in the comic book movie genre. I also expect a panel from the actors and director talking about different aspects of the film.

2 – Wonder Woman 1984. First look at Cheetah.
With so many official photos of the movie being released by Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Clay Enos, including first look at Barbara Ann Minerva, makes perfect sense of them revealing the very first photograph of Kristen Wiig as the nemesis of the amazon princess, Cheetah. I would want a possible appearance of Pedro Pascal at the Comic-Con.

Maybe they will present a brief panel about the movie without giving anything away from the plot.

3 – Shazam! Teaser.
David Sandberg expressed his excitement about this year’s SDCC and that could mean photo reveals of the different members from the Shazam Family and even a small teaser, given the fact that they finished filming recently this year and an actual trailer could be difficult to see given that fact that is pretty soon.

4 – The Batman Updates.
I have been following Ben Affleck’s career since I can recall and I liked his portrayal of the cape crusader. I’m looking forward to see if he will stay in the DC universe or if it’s possible a change of Batman in the Matt Reeves film.

Hope things get clarified at this Comic-Con, it would be the perfect place to announce it to end all the rumors that have being appearing since Justice League premiered in theatres.

5 – Birds of Prey Cast.
We recently got the news, from Margot Robbie herself, that the film will have a diverse cast and they will begin filming in January of 2019. This makes me think of cast announcements regarding the leading roles of the project.


No matter what we get in the DC panel at San Diego Comic-Con, this surely will be a special year for this loved universe. Changes are being made inside the company and they look interesting. We aren’t losing hope of potential Snyder Cut news that could clear things up.